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Cyntia Castro

In 2008 I got to know the Scrapbooking technique and soon I fell in love, I started making my daughter's photo albums and I never stopped.

I'm in front of  Magia do Scrap with more than 26k followers on Instagram and more than 5k on Facebook. 

Your story, whether simple or not, is very important to you and your family, and time passes so fast that we don't even realize the importance of recording everything and being able in the future to review and remember all the moments of our life.

Through scrapbooking, we are able to document the small details of our life, and we can do this daily easily, quickly and creatively!

This whole process of writing your story and photographing your moments is so important, in addition to being a therapy, a practice that only brings us benefits!!


 Tell Your Story Project

Project Life Method by Becky Higgins: practical, easy and quick format for you to assemble and decorate a scrapbooking album. You will be able to organize all your photos in a  creative and beautiful way. 


How to organize your photos in an album by theme or moments, whether new or old.

Scaling photos and digital kits

How to size and print your digital photos and kits

page decoration

How to create and decorate pages with photos, cards and messages.

100% online course

Access for 1 year on the Hotmart platform.

Video classes

recorded classes for you to watch in your own time.


Decorated project bonus class.

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