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I'm Cyntia Castro and I've been passionate about paper since I was a child, when I collected stationery, until today I can't go into a stationery store that I look at for hours and want to take everything. ​


In 2008 I got to know the scrapbooking technique in a shop in Ecuador, where I lived with my husband Roberto and my daughter ALine, and where I got to know the scrapbooking materials and tools that came from the USA.


Since then, this technique has been gaining strength in Brazil and when I came back here, I've already started making Aline's photo albums and to this day I practice this art with great pleasure and I think it's my therapy without a doubt!! ​


Along with scrapbooking, I met on a trip to the USA, and of course it came in my suitcase, the Silhouette, a sensational cutting machine with which I do my works with more perfection today.


the Magic of Scrap


After Aline's first little party, I fell in love with decorating children's parties, baby showers, christenings, always using the scrapbooking line. ​


I lived in Brasília where my son Artur was born, and I made personalized for the weekend parties, as I still worked in the corporate world. ​


Life led me to leave this profession, I moved to Belo Horizonte and there I turned my hobby into work. I started making party decorations, custom orders and scrapbooking albums. ​


The Magic of Scrap was born from a huge passion for paper and scrapbooking and the desire to transform memories into Art. ​


Today I live in Belo Horizonte, I developed online classes where I teach scrapbooking, binding and cartoning techniques. I develop custom products and custom scrapbooking albums. ​

From 2017 to 2021 I was part of the Silhouette Brasil DT team

from 2020 to 2021 I was part of the DT team of the Mymemories Crafts

from 2019 I'm even part of the DT team of the Jujuscrapbook 

In 2022 I joined the Silhouette America artist team

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