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With the square scallop hole punch, cut out 3 different colors of paper, being combined tones. Use fabric flowers or colored stones to apply to the center of the flower.

Square Escalope Flower



With scissors, make four slits at the ends of the edges. Use the 8 and 9 mm rounder to shape the flower. Then paint the ends of the flowers using brown stamping. Glue one piece over the other making the overlap and finish by gluing the core.


Use your flowers to decorate various items such as: fake cake, invitations, pictures, cards, boxes. Use your creativity and squander colors and flowers in your project!

Soup for Goodies


In this project, use 3 circle scallop punches of different sizes for the tag, an edge punch with fine flowers, a transparent bag 10cm wide, a folder, a piece of white paper in the 10x10cm format folded in half with the help of the folder._cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_


In the smaller circle, use a round-shaped stamp of your choice.

Apply banana tape to overlap the 3 molds cut in  scallop circle. To make the butterfly, use a medium butterfly stamp and cut it out with scissors.


On the white base folded in half, glue the edge of thin flowers, then apply banana tape to the round tag and glue  a butterfly.

Fill the bag with as many goodies as you like and use a stapler to attach the white base to this bag.

These soups are easy to make and add a special touch to the dessert table!

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