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Club Magic of Scrap, is a subscription club with online access to Silhouette Studio V4 courses, with tips and tutorials and new scrap-party projects.

You will have access, at any time, as many times as you want, to the online videos for the period you choose for the subscription according to the plans:

- Monthly Plan - access by 30 calendar days 

- Quarterly Plan - access for 90 calendar days

Course que demonstra the basic tools, drawing techniques and project development


- Internet access.

- Basic computing.

- Mouse
- Own the Silhouette (if you haven't purchased the machine yet, you can take the course to learn about its features)

-  Silhouette Studio software V4 free installed on your computer.

Content made available in modules within the course:

Module 1 - Overview: You will learn the initial settings for page and cutting mat, basic software overview, toolbar, how to access, search and buy in the Silhouette Store, organize files in the library, save files.

Module 2 - Image drawing and editing: basic drawing tools, image editing, line style and color, color fill, text style.

Module 3 - Image manipulation: group and ungroup, compound path, move, rotate, scale, reflect, arrange, align, replicate, merge, modify, shift, crease.

Module 4 - Image tracking: image tracking for print and cut, layered image tracking.

Module 5 - Print and cut: print and cut images, registration marks.

Module 6 -digital kits: application of digital kits for personalization.  

Module 7 - Cutting: Cut settings by material type, crease, sketch, creating new materials in the cut library


Some a bonus will be made available, a new project applying the learning from the modules above. Projects aimed at customizing parties, including product assembly video, color palette tips, papers used, as well as learning about scrap materials and tools.

Ex: invitations, molds, boxes, appliqués, ornaments, signs, fake cake, etc.


Target Audience:


- moms who like to decorate, themselves, their children's parties,

- artisans que work with customized Scrap Festa and want to learn more tips on silhouette to produce different items,

- party decorators who need custom items to add value to their productions.




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