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1. How do I place my orders?

Answer:All orders must be placed through our online store. We do not take orders over the phone.


2. I have just discovered the Magic of Scrap, and I need to order personalized products urgently, will I be served in time?

Answer:Unfortunately we cannot guarantee on-time delivery for orders so close to the event date. Because, our products are handmade and personalized and require time to be produced. Place your order with a minimum period of 20 days. Observe the production deadlines on each product to schedule your order in time.



3.What is the deadline for me to receive my order?

Answer:.The production time for personalized products is described in the information about them and may vary according to our delivery schedule and the quantity of products you order. After confirming the payment of your order, we send the artwork and/or model by email for approval and then we start production. After the production period, add the postage period, which you choose at the time of purchase.



4. What is the payment method for my order?

Answer:.Magia do Scrap works with the following payment methods: Credit card and bank slip via pag-seguro, or deposit in a Bradesco bank account.



5. How is my order shipped?

Answer:.Shipping is done by the post office and you choose the PAC or Sedex options, at the time of purchase. We will inform you of the options for sending your order along with your order. 



6. Does Magia do Scrap have a physical store?

Answer:. No. We have an atelier in the Belvedere neighborhood, but not with physical service.



7. Does Magia do Scrap ship packages all over Brazil?

Answer:.Yes, through the post office we ship all over Brazil and abroad.



8. I live outside of Belo Horizonte and would like to take the courses at the store. Are there online courses?

Resp.:Yes, we will have online courses that can be purchased in our virtual store. Wait, we are already providing our video courses.











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