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Hello my name isCyntia Castroand I love the technique ofscrapbooking. I discovered this technique 10 years ago and fell in love right away, as this activity gave me pleasure, calm and well-being.

But what is thescrapbooking?

O Scrapbook is an English terminology  to define a scrapbook.

A technique of customizing photo albums or calendars with photo clippings, invitations, mini-albums, notebook covers, booklets, etc.

In addition to paper clipping and collage , it also consists of a composition of memories and recollections using photographs, that is, recording moments in a creative way.

9 years ago my daughter Aline was only 1 year old, I didn't have much time to create and make my albums, so I did it at dawn when ela  slept. The late nights were delicious, it was therapy!!!!!

And to this day I make my personalized album pages, and now together with my daughter, as she loves and enjoys creating her own pages.

"Parents' presence in painting, reading and craft activities is essential for children to accelerate their cognitive functions, in addition to increasing well-being" (source: Revista Crescer)

Thinking about it, and Aline's interest in this art, and seeing how much fun she had doing Scrapbooking, and in the face of a time when technology is everywhere in our lives, including in the lives of our_cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_children where they just want to watch the TV, the cell phone, the tablet and forgetting to play and do creative and playful activities like any child of their age, we created the _cc781905_cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_CRIARE KIDS, to rescue other forms of fun through art and encouraging creativity and developing their cognitive and social skills and interacting with their family and friends.

CREATE KIDS vem com 1 projeto por mês desenvolvido e personalizado com papéis e materiais coloridos, idéias e temas lúdicos para as children to create their albums, picture frames, cards, souvenirs with creativity and turning their memories into art!

Personalized albums are memories of special moments that we make and decorate with photos and colorful and fun papers. It is a memory and important records that will forever mark the history of families.

The moment of creation and decoration of the albums is a lot of fun, causing a well-being to people and the result is exciting!!

Cyntia Castro


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