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Faced with a time when technology is everywhere in our lives, including in the lives of our children where they just want to watch TV, cell phones, tablets and forgetting to play and do creative and fun activities like any other child of your age, we create o CREATE KIDS   to rescue other forms of fun through art and encouraging creativity and developing their cognitive and social skills and interacting with their family and friends.

CRIARE KIDS vem com 1 projeto por mês desenvolvido e personalizado com papéis e materiais coloridos, idéias e temas lúdicos para as children to create their albums, picture frames, cards, souvenirs with creativity and turning their memories into art!


As crianças poderão se divertir, criar e desenvolver álbuns personalizados com recordações de momentos especiais decorando_cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_com photos, and fun colorful papers. It is a special reminder of important records that will forever mark the history of families.

The moment of creation and decoration of the albums is a lot of fun, causing a well-being to people and the result is exciting!!


So be sure to reveal your beautiful and striking photos from your cell phone, run and sign ourCREATE KIDS e provide your family with moments of joy, pleasure and creativity. 


Turn your memories into Art!!!

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