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Membership Club


Club Magic of Scrap is a club where we will send monthly to you, digital files and party scrap kit tutorials containing personalized treats to decorate your party or as a souvenir for your guests. The files sent will be in PDF  for you to print and cut and also in SVG/PNG for recorte na Silhouette.


And we'll also send you tips and tutorials on how to make silhouette drawings.


In other words, you will take several drawing and creation courses at Studio da silhouette. You receive the files and work from home whenever you can and want.


Each month will be a different theme, but the basic projects can  be used for any theme. 


You can indicate other topics for future submissions. The most suitable themes we will develop to include in the club.


This Club is ideal for:


- moms who like to decorate, themselves, their children's parties,

- artisans que work with customized Scrap Festa and want to learn more tips on silhouette to produce different items,

- party decorators who need custom items to add value to their productions.


Plans: Monthly, Quarterly and Semi-annual - with payment in installments



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