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Cyntia Castro


  In love with paper since childhood, when I collected stationery. ​In 2008 I learned about the technique ofscrapbookingand soon I fell in love, I started making photo albums for my daughter who had just been born. Then came the party decorations with the scrap-party technique.

my style is"clean & simple"with layers, ​ that I love dearly. 

I'm ahead of the Scrap Magicwith over 26k followers on Instagram and over 5k on Facebook. 

Yoursstory, whether simple or not, is veryimportantfor you and your family, and time passes so fast that we don't even realize the importance of recording everything and being able in the future to review and remember all the moments of our life.

Throughscrapbooking, we manage to document the small details of our life, and we can do this daily easily, quickly and creatively!

This whole process of writing yourstoryand photograph yourmoments, is so important, in addition to being a therapy, a practice that only brings usbenefits!!

I strongly believe in the great meaning of gifting people with affection and emotion, with records that will remain in their memory forever.

What is The Inspire and Create Project?

Project for you to be inspired, create and organize your photo album that you still keep on your phone!!!

How about printing these photos and recording your moments through a scrapbooking album?

Come tell your story with me!! Themes : Family, travel, encounters.

2 classes per month live and recorded in the closed Facebook group

Watch on your own time, whenever and wherever you want

Total period of 6 months 

Group access for 1 year


21 projects elaborated and decorated with the technique of scrapbooking.

1 page for album cover

20 decorated pages, with 10 classes with double pages


- 30x30cm

- A4

- Project Life


100% online course

 You can use the material you have at home, including digital kits.​

Material and tool tips

Scrapbooking paper and material suggestions for shopping.

Material kit is not included, use the materials you have at home.



  1. Bonus Lesson Mini album

  2. Class of sizing and printing of photos and digital kits

  3. Sketch for each page for guidance and suggestion to decorate the page

  4. Color palette lesson

  5. pricing


What techniques will I learn?

Sizing and printing of photos and digital kits

How to combine colors, elements and photos

Reading the sketch (sketch) to guide you in creating the layout

Project Life: decoration with photos, and cards

  • stamps

  • paper sewing

  • layers

  • titles

  • Journaling

  • 3D photos

  • Heated and dry embossing

  • foil quill

  • Flowers

  • Stamps with Stencil

Demo of some tools:

  • Happy Jig wire titles

  • Personalization with the Word Punch Board

  • Foil Quill Pointer

Testimonials from Cyntia Castro's students

Tânia Barros

"Taking the Criare Colab course was one of the best investments I've made, it's a complete course, I learned how to make cardboard, binding and scrapbooking and other techniques and tools  that I didn't know, Cyntia prepares the classes with very whimsical, she is very attentive and always available to answer questions."

Caroline Chaves

" I'm loving your classes at Criere Colab, the courses are wonderful! You teach in a way that makes us fall in love with cardboard and scrapbooking more and more. You give lots of cool and practical tips for making the pieces, uses of tools, several jumps of the cat that we love lol ... I highly recommend your courses, congratulations! "

Paula Salles

"I signed up for the Criere Colab and I'm delighted. The classes are excellent!

I made some boxes with your teachings and I loved it.

You explain each step with wealth  of details! Thanks for sharing your knowledge"

Marcélia Soares

"I loved the design of this mini album.

A Cyntia Castro is cute and teaches with great care, in a way that, even though it seems super complicated, she manages to make it simple and easy. The material sent arrived very quickly and everything was right, with all the items. I loved it and hope to have more classes like this."

Roberta Caires

"I loved doing this project.

Cyntia Castro vc is to be congratulated! Excellent class, great attention to students and dedication in their explanations! Every detail and doubts taken in a natural and attentive way!

The material arrived safely. All organized!!!

Waiting for the next...

Júlia Santos

"These classes have greatly increased my knowledge, in addition to giving me more creativity in the elaboration of things. If you like scrapbooking, come and join this group, I'm sure you won't lose out and you will profit a lot from it."

Patricia Soares

"I really liked Scrap Easy and it certainly helped me to have more inspiration and creativity for the scrapbook. Despite being from Portugal I managed to follow everything and enjoy the knowledge.


Your way of explaining and executing the work is very explicit and, even for beginners (like me) you can follow all the content and start doing some work right away.


I don't have any suggestions to make, because I think the course is quite complete, both for those who are starting out, as well as for those who already work and even want a source of extra income. Thanks,"

Roberta Caires

"Cyntia,  I was very happy to be part of the first Scrap Easy group, your classes are wonderful!!! I really like the content and your interaction with the students. what we are doing, always pay attention to the students. You are happy with the projects we present and it shows that you are connected to our activities. I love participating in these classes, they bring many good things to professionalize ourselves or to keep our mind happy Know that you make a difference in our work.

Thank you for everything!!!"

"I found the content very cool, in addition to teaching, it inspires us to seek more and more.

Classes have great sound and image quality. You speak clearly and slowly, always attentive to comments, which makes it much easier for us to understand.

I like everything you teach, even if it's something I already know you always have a better and easier tip or way. I loved the card and photo classes, scrapminuto gave a simplified and streamlined scrapbook.

Scrap Easy not only taught me but managed to make me complete a scrapbook from scratch for the first time in years taking other courses and classes.

I'm really looking forward to the next edition."

Maisa Oliveira Duarte

"Hi Cynthia,

 I loved scrap Easy, it helped me a lot, you explain wonderfully.

I really liked the tooltips, many came out of the drawer,  I've been doing PL for some time now, and I loved your uncomplicated way and the tips. O content that I like are 30x30 pages.

And yes, I want to be in the second edition."

Monica Martins

"Hi Cíntia, I loved the course even though I couldn't attend it at the time.

I liked your tips and the ease with which you transmit the content.

It was a pleasure to be part of this first scrap easy,"

Roberta Caires

Lea Freitas

Is this course for me?

I'm a beginner

Yessss, come and discover this magical world of scrapbooking, its techniques, materials  and fall in love like I do!

I already do and love the scrapbook

Yessss, it will be a delight to scrape more, get to know more and exchange stickers with you!!

I want to work with scrap

Yessss, come improve and work in a professional way and be able to offer a differentiated product full of love and history!

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